December 6, 2023




The Vulnerability Paradox, Solution in Clarity & More

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Good Morning. Welcome to all the new readers of Faster Than Normal who have joined us since last week!

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

Mental Model: The Vulnerability Paradox.

Insight: Solution in Clarity.

Quote: Value of Time.

Question: Making a Difference.

Parable: The Boiling Frog.


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| Mental Model

The Vulnerability Paradox

We believe showing our whole selves will scare others away, when in reality it draws them closer.

The ability to be vulnerable in a world of status games is a superpower.

”Vulnerability is the currency of human connection.”

—Brene Brown

| Insight

A well-defined problem is half the solution.

Challenge: Identify a problem you're currently facing and break it down into smaller, more manageable components.

Example: Overwhelming workload, broken down into prioritized tasks.

| Quote

Oliver Burkeman, journalist and author, on the value of time:

"Ultimately, time is the only genuine scarcity, and the only thing that can't be bought, borrowed, or stolen. To squander it is to squander the one truly irreplaceable resource.

| Question

How can I use my unique strengths and talents to make a positive impact on the world?

A Visual I Enjoyed

The Boiling Frog (Source: 19th Century)

A frog is placed in a pot of cold water, which is slowly heated. The frog adjusts to the gradual temperature change and doesn't realize the danger it's in, ultimately being boiled alive. The parable serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of complacency and the need to be aware of gradual changes in our environment.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all.

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| P.S. — My Weekly Picks

  • More To That by Lawrence Yeo. Life, as we experience it, is a tapestry of peculiarities, a mosaic of moments that often elude explanation. More To That is where the human condition is explored, dissected, and laid bare.

  • How To Be Remarkable by Seth Godin. The world awaits the extraordinary that only you can bring.

  • How To Get Lucky by Sahil Bloom. Sahil suggests that what we often attribute to "luck" is, in fact, the culmination of numerous small actions. It's the result of expanding your personal luck surface area through daily habits and intentional choices. Ready to get lucky?

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