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Deconstructing the top 0.01% of people, companies, and ideas to tease out the lessons, playbooks, and habits that we can apply in our own work and businesses to go further, faster.

If you’re a founder, innovator, or misfit, there's a 99.99% you're in the right place.

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Hi, I'm Alex Brogan

A Founder, Content Creator, and former Marketer and Investment Banker living in Sydney, Australia.

When I was young, I built Lego and wanted to be an Astronaut. My pre-primary teachers put me up a year because I thought being the ‘Class Clown’ was the solution to dull lessons.

I still like Lego, am very often a Clown, and still hope to become an Astronaut one day. In the meantime, I care most about:

  • Integrity: Alignment between words and actions
  • Learning: The pursuit of knowledge and skills
  • Building: Great companies with great people that relieve suffering or improve our standard of living
  • Helping: Inspiring others to become better versions of themselves and to see the beauty in helping others

My happiest moments are sharing knowledge with someone and seeing their eyes light up with resonance, helping someone overcome limiting beliefs and achieve something hard or doing things that only a better version of myself could dream of doing.

My writing—and Faster Than Normal—is a way of consolidating the learning that helps me improve at all these things.

It focuses on deconstructing the top 0.01% of people, companies, and ideas to tease out the lessons, playbooks, and habits we can apply to our work and businesses to go further and faster.

If you’re a founder, innovator, or misfit, there’s a 99.99% chance we’ll get along.

Some things I’ve done

  1. Represented Australia in Water Polo at 17 years old
  2. Graduated as Valedictorian of my major at the University of Western Australia (1st in course across 3 units, 2nd in course across 2 units, 3rd in course once)
  3. Youngest in graduate cohort at Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division at 20 years old
  4. Worked for 1 year at the leading Growth Marketing Agency in Western Australia, Ammo Marketing
  5. Promoted from Business Development Representative to Account Executive in 4 months and then Head of Go-To-Market in 5 months at Zipline.io, a Series A B2B Healthcare startup
  6. Built an online community of 0.75 million incredible people

I’ll leave you with this: You don’t conquer the mountain; you only conquer yourself.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.

Alex Brogan

You can find me on X, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok.

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