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Our Readership

Over 60% of our audience are managers and above. These are key decision-makers and buyers for their companies.

They include C-suite executives at major corporates, founders and operators at early and late-stage startups, and investors in both private (venture, growth capital) and public capital markets. There are also a large number of manager-level operators and technical staff at notable tech companies. 

The second major demographic is the earlier stage, ambitious young professionals in their mid-20s to early 30s. These are future leaders of their existing companies and founders of other companies.

The Headline Numbers

Monthly impressions: 16M+ Avg.

Total following: 715K+

Email subscribers: 70K+

Newsletter open rate: 50%

Location: 48% United States, 11% Canada/UK/EU, 6% Australia

Note: These include Alex’s media properties available for select partners. A full breakdown of channels and media kit are available upon successful form submission.

What our readers say

“I really enjoy your newsletter, thought-provoking always stimulates by thinking.”
— Ron Ernst, Vistage Chair for CEO Advisory Peer Group

“Big fan of your writing. I’d love to interview you for my blog and get your perspectives and lessons.”
— Aseem Puri, CEO of Unilever International

“Loved the Anna Wintour Newsletter - I ended up watching and reading most of the links - thank you for making my weekend super interesting!”

— Crystelle Desnoyer, Fractional COO, Ex-Techstars Chief of Staff to the CEO

”One of your best yet. Well done.”
— Chris Gannett, CEO & Founder, Gannett Partners

”This is a great blog. I really enjoy reading your thoughts. Keep up the good work.”
— Mike Riley, Joint Managing Director, Waypoint Asset Management

“Huge fan and supporter, reach out anytime I can be helpful to you (I'm a longtime CMO and CEO here in Silicon Valley)”
— Paul Sebastien, CMO, President Real Vision

”I look forward to your weekly email — I appreciate how useful the content is and how clearly it’s written. I’m sharing this newsletter with several friends because I’m sure others will find it valuable as well.”
— Elissa Welsh

”One of the best emails I have ever received. Thank you, great advice and wishing you every success.”
— Michael Lamb, Executive Mentor at Merryck & Co. ANZ

”You’re doing great things. Your content is so good. Bright spot in my inbox.”
— Johnny Mago, Associate Director of Inside Sales

“I admire your work, Alex.”
— Jim O’Shaugnessy, CEO of O'Shaughnessy Ventures

“Great content and very relevant for a business school teacher and now founder of a start-up corporate finance consulting practice.”
— Daniel Stillit, Managing Director, Co-Founder, Adjunct Value Partners

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