August 16, 2023




The Resistance Paradox, Boundaries for Balance & More

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Here’s what we’ll cover today:

Mental Model: The Resistance Paradox.

Insight: Boundaries for Balance.

Quote: Embracing the Unknown.

Question: Finding Joy.

Visual: Most & Least Expensive Cities to Live In.


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| Mental Model

The Resistance Paradox

Picture a raging river. You're caught in its currents, flailing and struggling, only to find that the more you resist, the stronger the current seems to become. Suddenly, you let go, allowing the water to carry you. It is then that you find the strength to navigate the current, to use it to your advantage. This is the Resistance Paradox: when we stop resisting, we become empowered to influence the course of events.

The Resistance Paradox is the notion that acceptance, rather than resistance, is the key to resolving our challenges. When we embrace our difficulties rather than push them away, we are better equipped to tackle them. The struggle, be it a tough conversation, an uncomfortable situation, or a daunting task, becomes less intimidating when we accept it as an integral part of our journey. It's either an opportunity for growth or an ever-growing thorn in our side, depending on how we approach it.

Imagine you're procrastinating on a critical work project. The task is daunting, and the pressure is mounting. The more you resist starting, the more challenging the task appears. Instead, if you accept the challenge, acknowledging the difficulty but also the potential growth that can come from it, the resistance begins to dissipate. Suddenly, the task is not a terrifying behemoth but a puzzle to be solved, one piece at a time.

A quote from Carl Jung encapsulates this concept perfectly, "What you resist not only persists but will grow in size." This suggests that the more we resist our challenges, the more significant they become in our minds. When we accept them, however, we can start to solve them.

In the end, it's about learning to face the fire, because it's only when we confront it that we can extinguish it. Our challenges are opportunities in disguise, waiting for us to let go of resistance and embrace acceptance. So next time you find yourself in the throes of resistance, remember the river, and consider letting go. You might be surprised by how much control you gain in doing so.

| Insight

A balanced life requires setting boundaries.

Challenge: Identify an area of your life where you struggle to set boundaries, and write down three specific actions you can take to establish and maintain them.

Example: Learn to say no to additional work responsibilities, communicate your limits to friends and family, and schedule regular self-care time.

| Quote

John O'Donohue, a poet and philosopher, on the importance of embracing the unknown:

"Real growth often happens when we are willing to step beyond the familiar and embrace the unknown."

| Question

What activities or hobbies bring me genuine joy and fulfillment, and how can I make more time for them?

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