Promote your business to 70,000+ Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Operators.

Connect with an active audience of Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Operators who are growing businesses.

Key Details

Key Audience Statistics

Subscribers: 70,000 and growing 5,000+ per month.

Average Open Rate: 40%

Average Sponsorship Views: 28,000

Average Sponsorship Clicks: 150 - 400 depending on relevance and sponsorship copy.

Audience: Founders, Entrepreneurs, Operators, Investors.

Job Titles: Founder, CEO, COO, Business Owner

Location: 48% United States, 11% Canada/UK/EU, 6% Australia.

Sponsorship Details

When you purchase a sponsorship, you choose one advertisement slot our Wednesday or Saturday Newsletter edition using a direct calendar link in Zcal.

14 days before your sponsorship, we will reach out for details.

The newsletter is published at 8.00 am ET every Wednesday and Saturday.

You can expect 150 - 400 visitors depending on relevance and sponsorship copy.

The cost to run an ad is US$1000 or US$400, depending on the type of advertisement.

Recent Sponsors

Advertisement Types Available

Main Advertisement Sponsorship

Ads are text only and can be 180 characters long. Your advertisement should include a call-to-action (CTA) of no more than 20 characters.

Example Copy: Unleash the power of Athena, your elite executive assistant. From tailored recruiting to expert training, Athena ensures peak performance. Click now for a $1,500 credit!

Example CTA Text: Get $1,500 credit!

Average Sponsorship Clicks: 150 - 400 depending on relevance and sponsorship copy.

Price: US$1,000

Link of the week

Highlight of my top weekly resources. Bottom of email. Max one sentence + CTA.

Example Copy: Join Sidebar, the tech-enabled leadership program with Fortune 500 leaders, start-up CEO's, and leaders.

Average Sponsorship Clicks: 100 - 200 depending on relevance and sponsorship copy.

Price: US$400

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Any questions? Email fasterthannormal.co@gmail.com

Note: Please be aware that there will be no alterations or adjustments in schedule or timing, considering constraints related to timing, availability, and the reservation of the date. Additionally, I retain the right to reject any sponsors that do not align with the ethos of "Faster Than Normal" (in such instances, a complete refund will be provided). Furthermore, I retain the right to modify content to align with style.