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Faster Than Normal™ is a 2x weekly newsletter with systems, frameworks, and resources for self-improvement. It is one of the largest  and fastest growing 'high-performance' newsletters in the world.

Written by Alex Brogan.

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  • Sectors: Professional, growth-oriented audience including founders, investors, leaders.
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"Your insights on a wide range of topics related to career development, personal growth, and entrepreneurship are truly inspiring and have helped me to grow both personally and professionally."

Ankush Yadav
"I’ve tried to apply the mental models you share and it’s helped me in my life. I’m sharing this newsletter with several friends because I’m sure others will find it valuable as well."

Elissa W.
"I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for the content you post. Your content is extremely useful and relevant to me. I see a lot of content but yours is by far the best."

Tim C.
"Thank you so much for adding a ton of value. Simply mind blowing."

Mustafa E.
"Your “World Class” newsletter on luck was the best I’ve seen on the topic since the inception of the internet."

George N.
"I have my normal inbox. I have my best newsletter’s inbox. And I have my outliers inbox—Faster Than Normal."

Luiz P
"I’m a big fan of your practical and positive content."

Dr. Scott A.

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