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Newsletter Mastery

Start, scale, and monetise a 5-figure subscriber newsletter (part-time).

Join hundreds of other Newsletter Operators accelerating and monetising your Newsletter growth. Access everything I've used to grow two Newsletters to 50k+ subscribers in 18 months while working full-time.

Newsletter mastery course
Newsletter mastery course
Newsletter mastery course

Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Alex Brogan.

I launched my first newsletter, "Faster Than Normal," in March 2022 while working full-time at a startup.

Beginning from scratch—with zero opens, zero subscribers, and zero revenue—I was completely new to the nuances of starting, growing, or monetising a newsletter.

Fast forward 18 months: I've successfully built not just one but two newsletters to 50,000 subscribers and five figures in monthly revenue.

What’s more?

My second newsletter, "The Intelligence Age," achieved this in ~4 months—a quarter of the time of Faster Than Normal.

I harnessed everything I’d learned from Faster Than Normal to expedite our pathway to rapid subscriber growth and monetization.

Many have asked me about my experiences, so I've decided to document literally everything I’ve learned about starting, scaling, and monetising a newsletter.

It's the exact playbook I wish I had when I was just starting out. I’m confident you’ll find the content no-fluff, highly tactical, and immediately actionable.

Further, it will help steer you clear of many blunders—ones both novices and seasoned newsletter operators often commit.

John Smith

Investor | Entrepreneur

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John Smith

Investor | Entrepreneur

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare."

John Smith

Investor | Entrepreneur

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare."

10 Common Problems

Beginner Newsletter Operators Face

All beginner Newsletter Operators face the same 10 problems:
If you're reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are keeping you up at night (and keeping you from starting or growing your newsletter).
And chances are, you know you should be leveraging a newsletter - which is why you're on this page in the first place.
Whether it's to share your insights, grow your digital footprint, or create a direct line to your audience, starting a newsletter has been on your list for a while.

  • Choosing the right niche for your newsletter
  • Building an initial subscriber base
  • Designing engaging newsletter content
  • Deciding on the frequency of publication
  • Utilizing the best tools and platforms for delivery
  • Creating a consistent writing habit
  • Developing a monetization strategy
  • Growing your subscriber list beyond the initial base
  • Analyzing subscriber engagement and feedback
  • Balancing newsletter management with other commitments

The breakthrough you've been missing.
Perhaps you've dabbled in newsletters before. Each time, the initial buzz wears off quickly. Obstacles mount. The exciting project of sharing your voice and insights with the world becomes daunting. And, all too soon, you find yourself without the momentum or growth you envisioned.
But this is because you were navigating it alone. You attempted to launch and grow your newsletter without a clear path or support system.
But Newsletter Mastery addresses this directly.
You'll move forward with tactics used by hundreds of other successful Newsletter operators to launch, grow, and monetize their newsletters effectively.
This equips you with everything you need to create your own successful Newsletter business.

Demolish Limiting Beliefs and Bad Tactics.

We'll conquer two categories of failure modes that beginners and advanced operators face in Newsletter Mastery:

Failure Mode 1: Starting

Problem 1: Not setting the correct expectations (thinking it’ll happen overnight)
: Commit to a minimum of 6-months with 10-15 hours / week before you judge your outcomes.

Problem 2: Worrying you don’t have anything novel to say
: Borrow credibility to earn credibility.

Problem 3: Worrying what other people will say
: Remember the Spotlight Effect. Keep the benefits front of mind. Remember that we all die.

Failure Mode 2: Endurance

Problem 1: Not actually having the bandwidth to commit
: Make sure your desire to start matches your ability to start.

Problem 2: Not having accountability
: Tell people close to you that you’re committing. Connect with other Newsletter Operators.

Problem 3: Not making it enjoyable independent of results
: Ask the question, “How can I enjoy this independent of my results?”

Problem 4: Not re-using old content
: Re-use content regularly to stay consistent

Problem 5: Not creating systems
: Create your growth, monetization, and engagement systems

The Time To Start Is Now

Stop wandering in the dark with your newsletter strategy.
The biggest mistake new newsletter operators make?
Overthinking, failing to grasp the "80/20" rule of effective newsletter growth, and investing in tactics that don't genuinely move the needle.
Navigating through the sea of advice on newsletter success can leave you more confused than when you started.
But here's the truth: It's simpler than you think.
What you need are proven systems and the correct approach to growth and monetisation.
Let's do this together.

What's in the course?

Here's what's in the course curriculum:

Module 1: Introduction

  • Course Goals
  • My Journey
  • How To Take The Course
  • Why Build A Newsletter
  • Key Newsletter Terminology

Module 2: The Setup & Foundations

  • How To Choose Your Newsletter Niche
  • How To Choose A Type Of Newsletter (Content/Voice/Format)
  • How To Brand And Name Your Newsletter
  • How To Choose Your Technology Stack
  • How To Build A Landing Page
  • How To Build A Lead Magnet
  • How To Design Your Newsletter
  • How To Choose Your Sending Frequency
  • How To Determine Your Ideal Sending Time (Day/Time)

Module 3: Growth

  • My Story With Faster Than Normal And The Intelligence Age
  • Good Growth And Bad Growth
  • Evaluating Growth Channels
  • Organic Growth Channels
  • Paid Growth Channels (With Special Guest, Matt Mcgarry)
  • Word Of Mouth

Module 4: Engagement

  • What An Engaged List Is And Why It Matters
  • The Core Engagement Metrics
  • Deliverability Essentials (With Special Guest, Demand Curve)
  • How To Improve Engagement

Module 5: Monetisation

  • When To Monetise
  • The 17 Ways To Monetise (Including Affiliates, Job Boards, Digital Products, Events, Investment Funds, Saas, & More)
  • Tracking Profitability (Unit Economics And Net Profit)

Module 6: Sponsorships

  • When To Start Finding Sponsors
  • How To Build A Sponsor Kit
  • How To Find Sponsors
  • How To Contact Sponsors
  • How To Work With Sponsors
  • Managing Sponsorship Bookings And Calendar
  • How To Price Ads
  • How To Write & Design Ads

Module 7: Paid Newsletters

  • When To Go Paid
  • Benefits And Challenges Of A Paid Newsletter
  • Examples Of Paid Newsletters
  • How To Get Free Subscribers To Sign-Up

Module 8: Templates & Guides (17 resources)

  • The Newsletter Mastery Niche Finder (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Brand Assets (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Technology Stack (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Landing Page Checklist (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Design Checklist (Notion template)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Growth Channels Database (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Deliverability Checklist (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Engagement Checklist (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Monetisation Methods Database (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Ad Pricing Universe (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Ad Pricing Calculator (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Sponsor Engagement Email Series (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Demographic Survey Template (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Media Kit Template (Notion)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Ad Revenue Calculator (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Profitability Model (Excel)
  • The Newsletter Mastery Unit Economics for Subscriber Acquisition Model (CAC/LTV) (Excel)

You'll also get access to The Sovereign Creator & Master Delegator Primer Packs
(worth $250):

Growing a Newsletter without understanding Social Media growth and having additional help is a tall order—I know this first hand from my own experience and the experience of hundreds of other Creators & Newsletter Operators.

So, I’ve decided to provide access to a primer addition of my other courses too. These will give you everything you need to actually succeed:

The Sovereign Creator (Primer) (Value: $100)

How to grow a 6-figure audience in under 12-months (without leaving your day job).

In this primer, we'll tackle the following: 

  • How To Design Your Creator Strategy
  • How To Grow An Audience Quickly On Linkedin, Twitter, And Instagram
  • How To Connect With Other Creators
  • How To Stay Consistent And Actually Follow Through On Building An Audience
Newsletter mastery course
Newsletter mastery course

The Master Delegator (Primer) (Value: $150)

How to hire, onboard, and ramp virtual assistants that will save you 15+ hours per week as a content creator, founder, leader, or investor.

In this primer, we'll tackle the following: 

  • The Methods Of Hiring
  • The Options For Each Method
  • How To Create And Post A Job Description
  • How To Schedule Interviews
  • How To Conduct Interviews & Select Candidates
  • How To Use A Trial Period To Increase Your Hit-Rate
  • How To Create A Lightweight Contract
Newsletter mastery course
Newsletter mastery course

What is the price?

To acquire skills for growing a Newsletter, you have options.

Personal coaching typically costs $500+ per hour. Another route is hiring an Agency, with monthly fees between $5,000 and $10,000. Alternatively, there are courses starting at $1500 for basic content.

That's one way to think about pricing. Another is to think about costs as investments for future ROI.

For instance, one sponsorship or a few affiliate sales could offset—or even 5x—your investment. If you're serious about scaling and monetising a Newsletter, investing a bit initially to avoid mistakes, save time, and increase your chance of success is the wise thing to do. This is especially true considering the potential profits from applying the course content.

If Newsletters are just a hobby for you, it might not be worthwhile.

That's all food for thought, let's look at the pricing details!

Newsletter Mastery


  • The Core Newsletter Mastery Curriculum — 3+ hours of material delivering everything I’ve learned in scaling 2 newsletters to 60,000 and 50,000 subscribers (and 5-figures in monthly revenue), including starting, growing, and monetising your newsletter.
  • Special Guest Module 1 (Matt McGarry): Paid Ads Matt has driven over 5M subscribers with paid ads for The Hustle, Milk Road, Chartr, Codie Sanchez, Sahil Bloom, Wondermind, Bankless, and 20+ more. Included here is 1-hour of video & text content giving you everything you need to run your own paid ads.
  • Special Guest Module 2 (Demand Curve): Email Deliverability Demand Curve are one of the leading Growth Marketing Agency’s in the world having worked with organisations including Tumblr, Microsoft, Clearbit, Segment, Framer, and more. Included here is their essential deliverability advice for email Newsletters.
  • The Newsletter Mastery Bonus Template & Guides — 17+ bonus templates covering everything from finding your niche, creating brand assets, choosing your tech stack, optimising conversion, growing your newsletter, reaching out to sponsors, and more.
  • Lifetime Access To All The Course Material — As the Newsletter Universe evolves, so will the strategies and tactics required to succeed. The course will be periodically updated to account for this and you’ll have access forever.
  • The Sovereign Creator Primer — You’ll get access to core modules of my audience growth course to help you scale your audience quickly and add to your newsletter subscriber growth. (Value $100)
  • The Master Delegator Primer  You’ll get access to core modules of my virtual assistant course to help you find, hire, onboard, and manage a virtual assistant and get time back in your day while scaling your newsletter. (Value $150)
  • Exclusive Bonuses — Keep scrolling, there's some extra goodness below—I think you'll like them.

Free bonuses to take your Newsletter game to the next level.

That's right, I'm including all of the below—completely free:

The Newsletter Mastery Content Idea Validator (Value $49)

Create Newsletter topic ideas consistently and effortlessly with the exact Notion template I’ve used to validate content ideas for social media and Newsletters.

The Newsletter Mastery Content Planner (Value $49)

Efficiently plan and schedule your content with the exact Notion template I’ve used to build an audience of 610k people and 110,000 subscribers between Faster Than Normal and The Intelligence Age.

The 0 to 1k Subscribers Action Plan (Value $49)

Get your first 1,000 subscribers effortlessly with a step-by-step plan.

The Newsletter Mastery Carousel Template for Social Media (Value $29)

Build your top of funnel to grow your subscriber base with carousels designed for Instagram and LinkedIn.

The Writing Mastery Guide (Value $29)

Access the best writing advice I’ve found in the last 5 years.

A Crowdsourced List Of The Best Resources On The Internet (Value $29)

To help your ideation process, access my personal curation of 1500+ of the best resources I’ve found on the internet in the last 7 years.

The 2nd Brain Database Template (Value $29)

Curate your own resources and create an unlimited backlog of content ideas with my 2nd Brain database template.

Exclusive Discounts On Tools And Services (Value $1500+)

…and if that’s not enough, I’ve partnered with several organisations to give exclusive discounts on tools and services including Beehiiv (for building a newsletter), Typeshare (for visual social media content), Hypefury (for scheduling organic content), Bearly AI (for research), Bardeen (for automation), and Athena credits of $1500 (Virtual Assistant hiring)

Zero Risk Guarantee & Money-Back Promise

I have 100% confidence that for people who are serious about starting or scaling a newsletter, Newsletter Mastery will be one of the best investments you’ll make in your entire newsletter career.
But, I appreciate that it can be hard to trust a stranger on the internet.

And life is too short to spend it learning something that doesn’t provide you immense value.

I want you to have full faith in your investment with me.

So, if you’ve completed less than 40% (to be fair to other students) of the core modules and still aren’t 100% happy with your experience, send me an email (within 30 days of purchasing the course) and I’ll happily refund your entire payment.

(Note: As this is a digital product, access to all course materials, including templates & bonuses will be immediately revoked).

Frequently Asked Questions (and answers!)

Who is this course for?

This course is suited for:

(1) Beginner Newsletter Operators
with no existing newsletter
As far as I’m aware, this course will be the most comprehensive, efficient, and risk-free way for people serious about starting a newsletter to get started.

(2) Intermediate Newsletter Operators with up to 10,000 subscribers
You’ll get all the tactics you need to continue scaling and optimising your workflows, including growth and monetisation.

(3) Advanced Newsletter Operators with 10,000+ subscribers
️The main value for advanced operators will be having everything you need in one place and a behind-the-scenes look at how 2 other 50k+ newsletters have been scaled, operated, and monetised. You’ll be able to replicate all the advanced playbooks and templates in your business.

️Further, you’ll get access to a full paid growth course with Special Guest, Matt McGarry. Matt’s been responsible for driving over 5M subscribers with paid ads for The Hustle, Milk Road, Chartr, Codie Sanchez, Sahil Bloom, Wondermind, Bankless, and 20+ more. You'll also get access to a special guest module by leading Startup growth agency, Demand Curve.

No past experience with Newsletters is required.

Who is this course not for?

If you’re dabbling in newsletters just for fun, then this course is probably not for you. Scaling a Newsletter takes at least 5-15 hours per week sustained over 3-6 months to see results.

If you want results without the patience it requires for success, this course is not for you.

Further, while we’ll touch on important writing principles, this is not a writing course.

Why is building a Newsletter important?

Email is an owned channel. The list you build is yours to keep—no tech behemoth or rogue CEO can take it from you.

Email is everywhere. Most of the 8 billion people on our planet have an email address. This isn’t the case for social media platforms.

Email is direct. Algorithms don’t decide whether your email reaches your readers—you do.

Email is personal. Email is an opportunity to deepen the relationship with your subscribers, your investors, your customers, your fans—anyone.

Email has the best ROI. Email is known to have the highest ROI out of any marketing channel.

Email is the foundation of modern businesses. I’ve counted over 17 monetisation methods that can be built on a newsletter, including digital products, paid newsletters, memberships, SaaS, Agencies, Investment Funds, and more.

If you’re serious about starting and succeeding with an online business, email is an essential ingredient that you cannot live without.

Why should I listen to you?

You shouldn’t. Well, unless you want what’s worked for me (and many others I’ve advised).

In the last 18-months, I’ve built my social media audience of 610,000 people (Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram) and grown 2x newsletters (Faster Than Normal and The Intelligence Age) to 60,000 and 50,000 subscribers respectively and 5-figures in monthly revenue each—while working at a Series A Startup full-time.

I believe what I’ve done is entirely repeatable to anyone willing to put in the time.

This course shares all of the playbooks, systems, and templates I wish I had when getting started and will drastically reduce your time to success.

What’s the format of the course?

See the outline above. The course is self-paced and mostly text, with video and images.

Each module is separated into a theory and practical component to ensure that you get the what and the how.

You’ll also get Notion and Excel templates.

It takes about 3 hours to complete start to finish.

Most Newsletter courses are $1,500+. What’s missing in this course? Is it worth $497?

While even the best information can be priceless and life-changing, I want this course to be accessible to anyone serious about starting and scaling a Newsletter.

I didn’t initially plan to make a Newsletter course but after many conversations with others who have implemented the playbooks and frameworks I’ve used, it became clear that a lot of people could benefit from the information.

I spent ~300+ hours packaging up everything I’ve learned from my experience, including notes from $1,000 consulting calls, mastermind calls, and many other resources.

You’ll get instant access to actionable information that you can use immediately to start growing and monetising your Newsletter.

Is there email or call support?

No, except to honor the zero-risk guarantee. With hundreds of students, it’s not possible to provide 1:1 email or call support.

Is there lifetime access?

Absolutely! As the Newsletter Universe evolves, so will the strategies and tactics required to succeed.

The course will be periodically updated to account for this and you’ll have access forever.

Why should I enrol today?

A lot can change in 6 months.

I sat on the fence of Newsletter and Audience Building for several years before getting started and it’s easily the greatest thing I’ve ever done for my career—I only wish I started sooner.

There's never been a higher probability asymmetric bet you can make.

Can I expense Newsletter Mastery?

Absolutely! If your Company has a learning and development budget, Newsletter Mastery is likely to be eligible for a reimbursement.

Once you've signed up, you'll get a receipt detailing your purchase. This can be forwarded to your team for reimbursement purposes.

If you need approval from your team, you can use this template.

Enrol In Newsletter Mastery Today