February 21, 2024




Table Selection, Growth Amidst Disagreements & More

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Good Morning. Welcome to all the new readers of Faster Than Normal who have joined us since last week!

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

Mental Model: Table Selection.

Insight: Growth Amidst Disagreements.

Quote: Failure's Role in Creativity.

Question: Reflecting on Influential Bonds.

Visual: Geography Terms.


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| Mental Model

Table Selection

The game you play—or the table you select—is more important than how you play.

You don’t need to get good at doing difficult things if you get good at avoiding difficult things. If you want to win, pick an easy table and nail your execution.

| Insight

Disagreements can lead to growth if approached with an open mind.

Challenge: Write about a recent disagreement and how it could have been an opportunity for growth if both parties had been open to learning from each other.

Example: A debate with a coworker, a difference of opinion with a friend, or a family conflict.

| Quote

Edwin Land, inventor of instant photography and founder of Polaroid Corporation, on the importance of curiosity:

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."

| Question

Think about a relationship that has significantly impacted your life. What does this relationship reveal about your needs and priorities in personal connections?

A Visual I Enjoyed

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all.

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