September 27, 2022




12ft ladder, 10 Minute Mail, Archivve, & More

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Welcome to the new friends of the Mental Models, Concepts, and Frameworks newsletter who have joined us since last week!

This Week: 5 of the most useful websites I've found


Sick of paywalls?

Meet 12ft ladder. It lets you bypass any paywall.

The idea is simple: news sites don’t show the Google crawler a paywall so they can appear in search results.

12ft grabs this cached, un-paywalled version of the page and shows you.

10 Minute Mail

If you’re like me, you’re constantly signing up for new services or freebies online that require an email address.

Our inbox pays a hefty price.

Luckily, 10 Minute Mail gives you a free temporary email address so you can avoid this.


Want to spruce up an upcoming presentation with powerful visuals that stick in your audience's mind?

Look no further.

A searchable, tagged database of all Visualize Value (@visualizevalue) assets built by @piercejkearns

Sleepy Time

Do you sometimes wake up tired and groggy?

This happens when you wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle.

SleepyTime tells you what time you need to go to bed to wake up at the end of a sleep cycle so you don’t feel tired when you wake.


Need to map out complex ideas and get clarity on the best solutions?

Need to get team alignment on a shared vision?

Need to plan detailed execution?

LucidChart has everything you need—and more.

That's it, I hope you enjoyed reading :)

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