February 25, 2023




10 Of The Most Useful Websites In Existence

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This Week: 10 Of The Most Useful Websites In Existence


The best educational resources on the internet. All in one place. Period.



A search engine that uses AI to find answers to your questions directly from scientific research.


E-sign an unlimited number of documents for free in under 30 seconds.

Simply upload, sign, and send—no account required.


A infographic of 200+ of the most important cognitive biases from Wikipedia.

Side: @buster has one of the best personal websites I’ve ever seen.


Find answers to your questions from the best books in the world using experimental AI—not google search.


A curation of the top performing content around the web.

You can stay updated with industry developments or use it for content ideas.


Lofi combines a calm, digital environment of your choosing—whether it be a cafe or by the beach—with melodic tunes to enhance your focus.


Hemingway makes your writing bold and clear.

It’s like Grammarly, but completely free and focuses on style.

It will help take your writing to higher places.


If you stare at a blank page regularly and want to accelerate your writing—whether for work, learning, or play—Writesonic will get you there through clever AI capabilities.


Send blog posts, Twitter threads, and anything else you find browsing the internet to your Kindle in one click.

There you have it, 10 of the most useful websites I've used.

I hope you found these as helpful as I have.

Stay curious,


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See you again next week!

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